Bridging the mindset and skillset gapsbetween leaders and teams

Why was Chorev established?

Rapid technological and social changes constantly creating gaps between leaders’ practice and desired culture to drive performances.  Since 2007, Chorev help leaders and teams to close those gaps by keeping them informed and competitive in a constantly changing world.

Simple Way



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What do we focus on?

We offer bespoke people and team development programs that are both scientific and practical.  What set us apart is our ability to engage with learners and base our approach on Interpersonal Neurobiology.


And if you're wondering about our name

Chorev is the rock which Moses (an Israelite leader) struck to produce the water that would sustain the thirsty Israelites while they were stranded in the desert on their quest to enter the Promised Land.  Inspired by this, Chorev strives to be the source that quenches the thirst of leaders for knowledge and support.