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Develop Growth Mindset 

Keep on growing by knowing and changing your mindset. 

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence  

Lead calmly and effectively in this ever-changing world. 

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The Secret to Happiness 

Help you to achieve a happier and successful life! 

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Train Your Brain: Wisdom Gym 

In this turbulent era, we, more than ever before, need wisdom to transform crises into opportunities. 

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Feedback for Higher Performance 

Giving effective feedback helps your work to be more effective and relaxing. 

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Secret to Effective Presentation 

Presentation will no longer be an ordeal, but a medium through which you can exert influence. 

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Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving 

Refresh your understanding of thinking (software) and brain (hardware) to make wise decisions. 

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Basic Finance Projects Evaluation and Application 

Basic financial management concepts and techniques for non-finance people to apply in real-life situations. 

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The above courses are all performed in Cantonese.

For more English courses:

  • 10 Critical Principles in Parenting
  • 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage
  • 5 Great Insights in Conflict Management
  • 5 Strategies for a Stronger Safety Culture
  • 7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness
  • Am I A Toxic Leader?
  • Career Transitions for Senior Management
  • Coaching For Peak Performance
  • Developing Resilience for Life - SUMO
  • Emotion, Personality & Self-Esteem
  • Energy Management Vs Time Management
  • Engaging the Disengaged
  • Great Parenting: Myth or Reality?
  • How to be Agile in A Disruptive World
  • How to Break Toxic Conflict Habits
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand
  • How to Lead High-Performing Teams
  • How to Sell Without Selling
  • How to Speak so People Really Listen
  • How to Think Across to Innovate and Collaborate
  • How to Think Again to Transform the Organization
  • How to Think Ahead to Prepare for the Future
  • Is My Money Enough?
  • Leadership in AI
  • Leadership in Big Data and IoT
  • Leadership in Crisis Management
  • Leading Change in An Uncertain World
  • Leading with Purpose - A New Paradigm
  • Parenting Teens Effectively
  • Preventing Conflict Escalation
  • Self-Leadership
  • Take your hotel service from Ordinary to WOW!
  • Taking Innovation to the Next Level
  • The 12 Destructive Conflict Styles
  • The Leader Who Made the Impossible Possible
  • Top 5 Reasons Why Leaders Fail
  • Transforming Conflict into Opportunity
  • Understanding Millennials
  • Unleashing the Greatness in You
  • Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict?
  • Why Do Leaders Get Derailed?
  • Why Do Marriages Break Up?

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