Lead with Emotional Intelligence

高情商的領導力 Lead with Emotional Intelligence

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Bringing your mind back into the present can seem daunting. Let’s face it—it won’t be easy to undo a habit you’ve had for years. The first step is awareness.

When you notice that your mind is going toward future-oriented thoughts, you can choose not to follow the train of thought—instead, you can nudge your mind back into the present. Let’s say you are working at your desk, playing with your child or having dinner with your spouse, and you notice that your mind is somewhere else. Of course, this isn’t the first time your mind has wandered away from the present, but when you first consciously observe this pattern, it can be a little disturbing for you. You might have thoughts like “Wow, here I am with my loved ones and I can’t focus on them at all.” But this awareness is a key first step.

Try reorienting your attention fully on what is going on in front of you. This exercise is not easy at first, but, like working a muscle, you can strengthen your ability to stay present by repeating this exercise over and over again. Like learning a sport, it takes training. So this and the following five exercises, when done regularly, can help you be present more easily.

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By: Catherine Wong

Ms. Wong is the co-owner of Chorev with a passion to help people better communicate with and relate to others. She is passionate about giving supportive yet direct feedback to help leaders be more effective; therefore, her programs usually involve a heavy element of practice and feedback.