Group Learning

People learn better when they are relaxed, engaged, and enjoying the experience. Chorev prides itself in designing fun customized workshops that promote new insights.  Our expert facilitators help clients contextualize learning through case studies that resonate with clients’ specific situations and needs. Opportunities to practice skills are also provided to promote awareness, behavioral change and improved results.

Signature Courses

  • AAA Communication
  • Developing and Motivating the Next Generation
  • Engaging your Audience with Power and Point
  • Mindset Growth for Change Management
  • Resilient Leadership

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Team Alignment

We design meaningful opportunities that enhance team collaboration, communication, and alignment.  We use various approaches: ranging from fun and engaging activities that promote shared experiences; to deep conversations that build genuine understanding; to techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry that align vision and strategy.  Technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) or drones, promote innovative play in a fun and engaging way.  The key is to enhance positivity and appreciation among team members.


Our certified coaches work with clients to discover how they can leverage their strengths to resolve challenges they face. We have a variety of models at our disposal, including EQi-2.0, DiSC, Social Styles, Typecoaching, LEA 360, Immunity to Change and other customized assessments, that we can use with individuals and groups if and as appropriate.

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