Blended learning approach to promote behavioral change and mindset transformation

Most of Chorev’s programs are based on Dr. Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology model for transformation.According to the model, our brains, mindset, and relationships with others all interplay and affect our behavior.People development programs that engage all three – that is, rewiring brains, renewing minds,and reconnecting with people – are more likely to facilitate positive behavioral change that truly bridge the gaps.

Slide Renewing the Mind Rewiring the Brain Reconnecting People By reframing our perspectives and
challenging our assumptions, we can
create a different mindset that allows us
to see more clearly.
By working with the brain, we can establish
new brain neuron pathways that enable
new behaviors and habits to form and stick.
By connecting with people, we promote
emotionally satisfactory relationships that
support shared, positive outcomes.

Service and Learning Approaches Offered

We combine these approaches for blended learning programs to maximize program effectiveness.

Team Alignment
Real-time Virtual Learning